Rehabilitating from an injury? I can assist you in your rehabilitation during or post physical therapy & progress you into a training program!

Low back pain? Tight neck? Headaches? Knee pain? Corrective Exercise is the answer to a body that is strong, flexible, functional, well balanced & works in synergy so you can go about your usual activities as you used to without being in pain.

Do you have muscular dysfunctions and/or muscular pain? In many cases, this can be the result of imbalanced muscles (tight muscles & weak muscles). Unfortunately, these imbalances do not correct themselves, but adapt to operating in a dysfunctional manner which usually results in pain & limiting what we can do. Regardless of if you're sedentary or an Olympic athlete...corrective exercise will have you moving and feeling better than when you came in & in some cases completely eliminate your muscular pains!

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