I’m Chris Coey


I have been working in the personal fitness industry for over ten years and I have trained over 20,000 sessions

Why I am a trainer

At my core, I care about people. It excites me when I see someone making progress or feeling the effects of training. I enjoy working side by side with my clientele to help them grow and achieve their fitness goals. It is truly a rewarding experience and my favorite thing about working as a trainer.

Creating a lifestyle change

I recognize that training is more than just going to gym and exercising. There is a psychological and mental aspect that goes along with it as well. I have spent significant time in my career not just studying exercise, but also the psychology behind it as well. Throughout our sessions, my goal is to not just get you in shape, but to trigger a mental shift that will lead to lifestyle changes that last forever.

A medical & fat loss background

My background first started working as a personal trainer at a multifaceted medical facility. In this facility I worked side-by-side with doctors and physical therapists. I also am a Certified Corrective Exercise & Muscular Rehabilitation Specialist. This experience gives me a unique set of knowledge on how to handle and work with individuals who may have imbalanced muscles (tight muscles & weak muscles). Unfortunately, these imbalances do not correct themselves, but adapt to operating in a dysfunctional manner which usually results in aches & pains & also limits what we can do physically. I am happy to be able to use my knowledge & expertise to help offer solutions for this large group of people of all ages, whether your injury is undiagnosed or post physical therapy.